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Episode 10 - The Passive Income Challenge!

We discuss the terms of the Passive Income Challenge!

Episode 9 - The Challenge!

Chris, Laura, Spencer and Sean discuss the terms of the passive income challenge! Also, we get caught up on everyones life and progress.

Episode 008 - The lightning round!

Chris, Spencer and Sean have a quick lightning round discussion on their businesses. Food, housing and other adventures await! Check it out!

Episode 7

Laura, Chris, Spencer and Sean get caught on on each other's businesses and discuss their ideas for the coming weeks.

Planning Fire - Episode 006

We all check in on our ongoings in the business world. Pyre designs is going great, Spencer has big ideas!

PlanningFire - Episode 005

Laura, Chris, Spencer, Sean and a new guest Lauren discuss their current business ideas and ongoings. Lauren is a welcome addition to the team having many years of finance experience. Check it out!

PlanningFire - Episode 004

Chris, Laura, Spencer and Sean get caught up after the holiday season. Pyre Designs LLC is born! Check it out!

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need - The Stock Market (Part 4)

Read this with me: If you have made it this far in your investment journey, congrats! You have a budget, you have worked through an emergency fund, started saving and maxing tax advantaged accounts, decreased spending, and are buying wine by the case. So now what? Well, assuming you read the title of this post you may have guessed it - time to start considering the stock market.

The Only Investment Guide You'll Need - Tax Strategies (Part 3)

join the discussion: Read this with me: ​It is incredible to think that tax brackets used to be even higher than they are now, with the highest bracket being 50%, meaning for every $2 you earn, you only end up with $1 in the bank. They are slightly less now, but you should be looking for any way that you can save on the tax bill. Think about this, what do you spend more on than income tax? ​